MCMXI LLC offers FFL, Class 2 (manufacturing of NFA firearms) and Class 3 dealer services in NW Montana.

Suppressors (silencers), short barreled rifles (SBRs) and fully-automatic firearms (machine guns) are legal in the state of Montana.  If you're interested in owning a suppressor or other NFA item and need the services of a Class 2 manufacturer or Class 3 dealer of NFA (Title 2) firearms please contact us.  It can be confusing at first for those that are interested in buying suppressors or other NFA items but it's not a difficult process.  Click on the links to read about your options, understand the process/fees, and to see how easy it is to own and enjoy NFA items in the greatest state in the US. 

Heads up:  39 States in the US currently allow the private ownership of suppressors and a number of states allow some form of hunting with suppressors.  Montana permits the hunting of varmints with suppressed firearms.

Contact:  info@mcmxi.org